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Too late to defuse the health care bomb

Stephen Green on the GOP’s proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA): I’m still not convinced that a bad law with GOP fingerprints on it is an improvement over a worse law with Democrat fingerprints on it. Politically it could be … Continue reading

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Lock ’em up, then kick ’em out

On immigration, Andrew McCarthy writes: On one end, everyone knows that it is neither possible nor desirable to deport the entire illegal immigrant population (estimated at 11 million-plus); on the other, there is strong consensus that serious criminals and those … Continue reading

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Department of Homeland Insecurity

Daily News: Eleven passengers strolled through a security lane without being screened at Kennedy Airport early Monday after Transportation Security Administration agents left the area unsupervised, law enforcement sources said. Instead of following protocol and notifying Port Authority cops, it … Continue reading

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Dangerous Times

DAVIS, Calif. — A planned appearance Wednesday by controversial internet figure Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor for the conservative website Breitbart was canceled after protests turned violent on the U.C. Berkeley campus. The decision was made two hours before the Wednesday … Continue reading

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Scientists Create A New Kind Of Matter: Time Crystals

Popular Mechanics: Crystals are structures in which a pattern of atoms or molecules repeats in space. Now, two teams of researchers have figured out that crystals’ repeating patterns can also exist through time. These “time crystals,” detailed in a new … Continue reading

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Should California Split Off or Split Up?

John Fund thinks California secession is a bad idea, and that splitting the state in two makes more sense. The first time I remember hearing the idea of splitting California into two states — Northern and Southern — was back … Continue reading

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The road to government-run health care

The promise of ObamaCare — more stuff for more people at a lower cost — has always defied common sense. I like to think that, at some level, the American people understood that from the start. But people are capable … Continue reading

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