Russia is top security threat to US

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Thursday that Russia poses the greatest threat to U.S. national security and it would be a reasonable military decision to supply lethal arms to Ukrainians fighting against rebels backed by Moscow. The White House quickly distanced the president from the remarks.

The White House quickly distanced the president from the remarks… of his own nominee. Now why would that be?

Could it be because Sarah Palin, way back in 2008, recognized and predicted that Russia would invade Ukraine in response to Obama’s weak response to Russian aggression in Georgia? Palin was roundly mocked for her prediction, but was proved correct a just a few years later.

Could it be because, back in 2012, Obama openly mocked then presidential candidate Mitt Romney for identifying Russia as “the top U.S. geopolitical threat”?

Now, Obama’s nominee for Joint Chiefs of Staff is stating the obvious: Republicans were (and are) right and Obama was (and is) wrong. Obama can’t afford to admit that, and so he’s left denying reality and “distancing” himself from the facts. That’s a dangerous thing for a president to do.

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