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More evidence to undermine global warmism

Jennifer Marohasy, biologist and senior fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs in Melbourne talks about new evidence that runs counter to the “consensus” on global warming. Duffy asked Marohasy: “Is the Earth stillwarming?” (sic) She replied: “No, actually, there … Continue reading

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On the 5th anniversary of the War in Iraq

A nice recap of the good that’s come from the War in Iraq can be found at No Pasaran (via Economic Freedom), including some welcome statistics: Oh, but we didn’t find WMDs? On the contrary, U.S. troops found more than … Continue reading

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Partial transcripts of Wright’s sermons

Defenders of Obama and Pastor Wright have been claiming that the video we’ve been seeing on TV and the Internet has been taken out of context. I’ve been waiting for someone to post the sermons in their entirety. CNN has … Continue reading

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NCLB slips away, along with billions of tax dollars

Schools to catch a break on No Child standardsStrict ‘No Child’ rules may soften for some failuresBy Stephanie Banchero | Tribune reporterMarch 19, 2008 The Bush administration said Tuesday that it is willing to soften its long-held stance that every … Continue reading

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Conservatives underrepresented in the media

Right underrepresented in press’s diversityBy Jennifer HarperMarch 18, 2008 Only 6 percent of the national press corps describe themselves as “conservative” in a population that includes reporters, editors and producers from major television and radio networks, daily newspapers, news wires … Continue reading

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Empirical evidence regarding school choice

Andrew Coulson shares “A Quick Guide to Scholarly Literature on School Choice.” Looks like a good source to have handy should one want to look at some actual empirical evidence.

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Cooking the education books

The New York TimesMarch 20, 2008States’ Data Obscure How Few Finish High SchoolBy SAM DILLON JACKSON, Miss. — When it comes to high school graduation rates, Mississippi keeps two sets of books. One team of statisticians working at the state … Continue reading

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