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50 things in 50 years

Eric Zorn shares “50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years.” Some of my favorites from the list: 7. Prejudice and bigotry is hard-wired into us. You can’t overcome it until you acknowledge it. 11. The Golden Rule is the greatest … Continue reading

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Obama: Vote for me because I’m black

The Clintons have frequently (and correctly) been accused of playing the race card in recent weeks. Obama has responded by trying to claim the high ground and make the Clintons look slimy and small. He has succeeded in this, I … Continue reading

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Obama: I’m a divider not a uniter

Throughout his presidential campaign, Barack Obama has consistently touted himself as the candidate who will work with Republicans to bring unity to Washington. His recent remarks in Denver, however, reveal that Obama’s idea of “reaching across the aisle” is to … Continue reading

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Right to choose

How is it that the government protects our “right to choose” to have an abortion, yet (according to Hillary Clinton and John Edwards) it can deny us the right to choose whether we want health insurance?

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Damnable depression

My brain isn’t very reliable these days. It has trouble getting from “here” to “there.” It forgets where it’s been. I send it out to fetch things and it doesn’t come back. The best way I can describe it is … Continue reading

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