Faking faith…

Kathleen Parker discusses the Democrats’ new strategy to highlight their faith and couch their message in religious terms. Her main point is that you can’t win people over simply by talking about God and religion a lot. I’ve been thinking along the same lines, and I expect this new strategy to fall flat on many levels.

In the first place, it’s false advertising. You’re not going to sell abortion and gay marriage as Christian values. Religion worked for Martin Luther King Jr. because his message matched his medium.

In the second place, it’s insincere. People like the President not because he goes around talking about how religious he is—he doesn’t; it’s the media and those on the left that constantly bring it up. People like Bush because he is comfortable with and sincere in his faith. The Dems are still trying to fake sincerity and few are slick enough to pull it off.

In the third place, it’s condescending. The Left continue to see those of faith as simpletons who aren’t bright enough to wipe the divine mist out of their eyes. The idea that these backward people will buy into liberal ideas simply because they come wrapped in religious packages will offend more than a few.

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