Don’t go there…

Instapundit has a portal to various takes on TennCare, Tennessee’s solution to health care. Apparently TennCare is very similar to what John Kerry was proposing, and a step toward where Hillary Clinton wants to take us.

Tennessee’s Democratic Governor has announced that they’ll have to scrap the program due to high costs. I’ve read where the nine year old program is currently consuming one-third of the state’s budget and is still expanding. No wonder the governor calls it “the dragon that eats everything.”

A few points:

1. We dodged a bullet on this issue by not electing John Kerry.

2. The Bush Campaign should have been holding up this disaster during the debates as an example of what Kerry was proposing. American’s can’t make wise decisions if they don’t know the facts. Not bringing this to the nation’s attention was a form of negligence.

3. We’re not out of danger yet. No matter who the Dems run in 2008–Hillary, Kerry, Edwards, Obama–they will be riding this issue hard. Bush knows that government involvement results in lower quality and higher costs, so his reforms will be directed at tort reform and beefing up health savings accounts. The Dems, because they see government as the answer to everything, will accuse Bush of “doing nothing.” They will push a “solution” that promises “free” health care to everyone. (It’s a Constitutional “right,” you know.) Your job is to remember TennCare and slay the dragon before it starts to feed at the national level.

4. TennCare is an example of why I’m a strong believer in federalism. Tinkering with policies at the national level is very expensive and very risky. By the time we realize we’ve gone down a wrong path, it’s difficult to reverse course. By leaving states alone to find their own solutions, we create 50 smaller, less expensive, and more flexible laboratories. This results in a wide range of ideas that we can compare and contrast. We end up with better solutions, in less time, at less cost.

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