Top general bashes the President…

How does the President stand a chance when his own generals are undercutting him this way?

Every mistake that supposedly intelligent men could make has been made in this war. The operation was absolutely useless, yet all the available strength of Great Britain and the United States was thrown into the task. (…) The front on which we are fighting those who actually attacked us is being “starved” and a “disaster” because the President insists on fighting on another front. Our lack of success is the “bitter fruit” of this fateful decision. The Army is being asked to do the impossible and could have been used elsewhere to secure large portions of enemy held territory. We are fighting this war just as we fought the last war, in part because the people in Washington have never actually been on the front lines.

Fortunately for President Bush, these harsh words were not directed at him, but rather at President Franklin D. Roosevelt by General Douglas MacArthur in 1944. A little perspective is a good thing. Go read the rest.

[via Cassandra]

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