What voters want…

Dean Esmay links to a Gallop Poll that suggests that voters support Bush for positive reasons—his policies, leadership, performance, values—while Kerry’s support derives more from dissatisfaction with Bush. As Dean observes, this confirms the conventional wisdom.

Interesting is that a combined 31% of Bush supporters cite Bush’s good moral values, religious beliefs, honesty, integrity, and ethics as a main reason for supporting him. Only 6% of Kerry supporters feel the same about their candidate.

More interesting, I think, are the breakdowns between men and women. In particular, 16% of women who support Kerry say they do so because they “favor the Democratic Party,” while only 5% of Kerry’s male supporters cite that as a reason. No Bush supporters of either gender cited favoring the Republican Party as a reason for supporting him.

Apparently, Democrats in general, and female Democrats in particular, are more strongly attached to their party than their counterparts. Is this a “parental” attachment due to Democrats, and women, being more likely to view government as “provider,” or is something else at work?

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