Is this the best we can do?

I think Joshua Claybourn has it mostly right in his criticisms of the Medicare policies of both presidential candidates. In a nutshell, Clayboure concludes: Bush is bad; Kerry is worse.

It’s admirable for an enlightened society to want to care for its young, its elderly, and its infirmed. It’s a noble goal. But it’s far from clear that we are taking the best approach. Is it a given that all good things must emanate from government? I’d like to think that such matters can be addressed through individual responsibility and charity, but perhaps I’m naïve. President Bush has promoted health savings accounts and support for faith-based initiatives. I have no idea if these ideas are an improvement over what we have now, but it seems time to give them a try. In the meantime, what’s the objection to using means-testing to make sure our tax dollars are going only to those who really need the help?

[via Andrew Sullivan]

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